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Om Vatten is Swedish and means About Water. This website is about my research and teaching, which are connected to water in various ways.

The textbook Om Vatten is an introduction to water quality and water technology. It is written in Swedish and used as course literature in some of my courses.

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Oskar Modin


Chalmers University of Technology

Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Division of Water Environment Technology

Gothenburg, Sweden

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*OM VATTEN is a personal website, not connected to the university where I work.*

My favorite research topics are at the interface of environmental engineering and microbial ecology. Environmental engineering aims to protect the environment and human health. It is about producing safe drinking water; managing  used water, solid waste, and polluted air; cleaning up polluted sites; and promoting a circular economy by recovering resources from waste streams. Microbial ecology is about interactions between microorganisms and their environment. Microbial communities are everywhere in nature and they carry out a wide range of chemical reactions. By designing smart environmental engineering processes, we can make the naturally occurring microorganisms work for us. For example, by degrading pollutants in wastewater or producing electricity.

Go to the research page and read more about...

...electricity-producing microorganisms,

...microorganisms growing as granules,

...biodiversity and how it should be measured.

On a few occassions, I have a given a course about microbial electrochemical technologies to new PhD students. The course is an introduction to electrochemistry in general, with some emphasis on microbial electrochemistry. You can find the course material here.